From Santa Marta to Minca Colombia
The busstop to minca at the Cootras office in santa marta

From Santa Marta to Minca Colombia

The best way to get from Santa Marta to Minca is to take a shared bus from the center. The busses depart from a little ticketoffice called ‘COOTRAS MINCA’ and is located at ‘Carrera 9’ between ‘Calle 11’ and ‘Calle 12’. The bus departs when all the seats(8) are taken, and it will cost you aprox. 8.000 COP ($ 2,-) per person.  The little white busses are going directly from the ticketoffice in Santa Marta to Minca, and the journey takes about 45 minutes.

How to get to the busstop / ticketoffice in Santa Marta

Assuming you are staying in the turistic area close to the beach and the bars and restaurants in the ‘Parque de los novios’ it’s about 1 kilometer, so take a taxi, and tell the driver with your best spanish: ‘La tyenda de cootras minca booses en el centro, caye onze con nobeno, porfabor’ expect to pay around 5.000-10.000 COP (If your spanish is good enough.)

the busstop with ticketoffice called ‘COOTRAS MINCA’ is located at Carrera 9 between Calle 11 and Calle 12.

If you prefer to walk (Or your spanish just is ‘una mierda’.)

The streets from North to South are called ‘Carrera’ and the streets from east to west ‘Calle’.
The road at the coast is ‘carrera 1’ , the noisey road with all the shops, traffic, and people is ‘carrera 5’, so you have to continue east until ‘carrera 9’. (The most easy street to get until ‘carrera 9’ is ‘calle 13’. From ‘Calle 13’ keep heading in the opposite direction of the sea until the street get seperated in two directions and head left on ‘carrera 9’. You will see the shop CootrasMinca after you crossed one block(between ‘calle 12’ and ‘calle11’) on the right.

When in Minca

Pick one of the hostals in the village so you don’t have to take a motortaxi with all your luggage, however some people prefer to take the ‘Casa Elemento’ hostel up the little roads where they have the biggest hammocks, so they can wake up like a king/queen with incredible views. Ask your host about places to go. There are waterfalls and incredible views to explore, the best way is to take a motortaxi from the village. At least find a mountain top where you can see the whole coast, and cool down at the Marinka waterfall, and pozo azul.

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