The Waterfalls of Medellin and how to get there

The Waterfalls of Medellin and how to get there

When you are staying in the concrete jungle for some time it’s nice to get outside the city and enjoy some nature. Medellin offers beautifull waterfalls just outide the city, close to Envigado. 

Metro to Envigado 
The best way to get to the waterfalls is to take a bus from Envigado. To get to Envigado you can take the metro in direction Itagui, and get out at Envigado. 
The bus departs close from the Envigado metro station. It’s one of the last busses at the main road with a destination called ‘Arenales’, If you can’t find the bus, ask one of the drivers: “Donde es el bus a Arenales ?” When you found the bus, you can enjoy the trip through the mountains and get out at the last stop. The whole trip takes about 45 minutes from Poblado, and will cost you less than 5.000 COP.

Hiking trail
From the bus stop at ‘Arenales’ you will see a little road that leads to the river. Just follow the river and trails, and eventually you will end up at the waterfall called ‘Chorro de las campanas 
‘. It will take you about 1 hour to get to the first waterfall, because there are some steep hills to climb and rocks to cross in the river.

If you keep going after‘Chorro de las campanas’ you can get to another waterfall called ‘Salto del Angel’. 

Going from the opposite direction
You could also enter from La Catedral, and go back from ‘Arenales’ , but you will need a taxi to La Catedral. And yes, La Catedral was once used as a prison for Pablo Escobar, but is now a place for elderly people. 

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